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Marking of ornithological rings for science and nature conservation (27.01.2020)

For marking scientific bird ringing, table marking systems from MARKATOR® are used

Environmental changes caused by human influence have a major impact on changes in the species of flora and fauna. In order to better protect animals, plants and their habitats, data on populations of the various species and their dynamics are needed. A very good way to observe and understand environmental changes is to analyze the bird life. The ringing of birds serves as a scientific method of monitoring to obtain global data on bird migration, habitat or behavior.

So-called bird rings made of metal or plastic are used for bird ringing - the classic ring is usually made of aluminum or steel. The ornithological ring is marked with an individual ring number (letter-number-combination) and always shows the institute issuing the ring and the country of origin. Such rings are used worldwide as primary or standard marking material for scientific research purposes.

The demands on the marking of these rings are high. On the one hand, it must be very precise and easy to read, so that it is possible to read the marking even from a greater distance. On the other hand, the marking must be durable in order to withstand the heavy strain on the bird's leg - including environmental influences.

MARKATOR® offers the perfect solution for these requirements with its needle and scribe markers as a table marking system. In some ringing centers in Europe, these are already successfully used for marking the ornithological rings. The table marking system MV5 T0 ZE 301XL, for example, offers a high degree of operating convenience and meets the high marking demands of bird ringing. The marking can be flexibly and easily adjusted to the size of the ring and its marking area. The marking is made by a marking needle which is oscillated by compressed air. Due to the stable mechanics of the marking system, the marking image is very precise.

The marking head is controlled by an external central unit. The software of the compact central unit is 100% operator-guided and clearly and structured. The central unit is operated with a USB computer keyboard. The large, high-resolution LC colour display of the central unit makes it easy to create, edit and control marking files. The central unit also offers storage space for several hundred marking files, logos and fonts.

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